QUALITY – Tunnell Consulting can help you improve and maintain a robust quality function.

REGULATORY – Tunnell helps you navigate the regulatory landscape throughout the product life cycle.

COMPLIANCE – Tunnell creates solutions that help you meet each compliance requirement.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE – Tunnell partners with you to transform your business.

MANUFACTURING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY – We help you solve your most challenging technical problems.

PHARMACEUTICAL – Delivering measurable results in the pharmaceutical industry.

BIOTECHNOLOGY – Supporting Biotechnology throughout the product’s life cycle.

VACCINES/BIOLOGICS – Maximizing processes and systems for long-term success.

GOVERNMENT – Serving government agencies with scientific expertise.

CASE STUDIES – Take a look at challenges faced and solutions implemented by Tunnell.

PUBLISHED ARTICLES – Read articles by Tunnell's experts published in leading industry publications.

WHITE PAPERS – Examine educational and insightful white papers on industry trends.

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PROJECT BRIEFS – Review accomplishments achieved using Tunnell best practices.

Press Releases

Tunnell Consulting and its sister company, Turesol Staffing Solutions, leads development of ISPE’s Process Capability Maturity Model (PCMM)

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2018 ISPE Annual Conference

∼ Nov. 4 – Nov. 7 at the Philadelphia Convention Center

Philippe Cini to Moderate a Workshop on: The Use of Descriptive Statistics in the Pharma Industry

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Published Articles

Data (Integrity) Pirates: Preventing And Detecting Malicious Intent

∼ October, 2018∼

Bioprocess Online

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Media Mentions

Julia O’Neill discusses statistics, chemical engineering and the curse of dimensionality

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Awards & Recognition

∼ Julia O’Neill ∼

To be the latest addition to the OUTSOURCED PHARMA Team of Board Members

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Tunnell Insights

Quality Culture: Charting the Path to an Organization-Wide Commitment to Quality, Compliance and Right-First-Time Performance

The client now has a comprehensive roadmap for creating a sustainable Quality Culture

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