Here, you’ll find brochures and other corporate materials that will give you a look into Tunnell Consulting and its offerings.

Tunnell Services

Tunnell has a passion for supporting our client’s mission.

Turesol Staffing Services

Turesol now offers temporary staffing services.

Continued Process Verification

Tunnell’s approach, integrating quality and compliance with science and technology, helps you deepen scientific process understanding while achieving compliance.

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Bringing new vaccines, biological and biotech products to market is a challenging and time-consuming process.

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Lean Product Development

Every day saved in bringing a major new drug to market is worth nearly $250,000 in cost savings and more than $1 million in revenue.

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Integrated, Sustainable Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

We integrate technical, process and organizational skills to boost the operating performance of each unique client we serve.

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Supply Chain Expertise

Meeting the challenges due to mergers, acquisitions and expansions requires the knowledge and capabilities to integrate activities across the product lifecycle.

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Process Capability & Control: Attaining World-Class Status

We have a proven, three-tiered approach to achieving superior profitability, productivity and regulatory compliance.

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Process Analytical Technology Implementation

Our structured approach includes a focused vision, identification of critical process parameters and development of analytical technology

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Life Science Operational Excellence: Putting Patients First

We believe that operational excellence starts with the end in mind: improving the lives of people who use biopharmaceutical products.

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Six Sigma and Lean: A Powerful Improvement Strategy

Lean unclogs bottlenecks, slices non-value added activities, speeds cycle time and trims fat.

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Six Sigma for the Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences Industries

Learn how to cut development cycle time, improve validation performance, support PAT and enhance your bottom line.

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