Published Articles

Tunnell’s subject matter experts have written a number of informative pieces. Here are a sampling of articles that have been published in leading industry publications.

Manufacturing’s True North: The Quality Compass

  • August 2015
  • Pharmaceutical Executive
Biopharma needs to combine a “culture of quality” with value-added process improvements in manufacturing.

Quality Agreements for Contract Manufacturers

  • September 2014
  • BioPharm
A well-constructed quality agreement can be an important tool to enable effective collaboration between owner and CMO.

Operational Excellence: More Than Just Process Improvement

  • October 2013
  • BioPharm
By embracing efficiency and quality, biopharmaceutical organizations can work better and achieve better work.

State of Quality and Compliance in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

  • April 2013
  • BioPharm
Have FDA initiatives improved manufacturing quality and patient safety?

Connecting QbD, Knowledge Management and Supplier Quality Management

  • November 2012
  • BioPharm International
Understanding overall supplier capability versus the critical-to-quality attributes of your product can reduce both risk and cost.

Through the Lens of Lean

  • October 2012
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
October, 2012 – Lean may have been designed for manufacturing, but it can also transform quality control labs.

Reduce Analytical Testing and Costs Without Compromising Compliance

  • July 2012
  • BioPharm International
Unnecessary analytical testing can lead to unnecessary costs.

Risk Based Decision Making

  • March 2012
  • BioPharm International
Focusing on how risk affects the entire organization can improve the business bottom line.

QbD: Time to Market

  • December 2011
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Are you factoring in the potential cost of unexpected failure?

Impact of cGMP on Supply Chain

  • July 2011
  • BioPharm International
Incorporating regulatory requirements into the product life-cycle plan is crucial for supply chain security and patient safety.

QbD: The Case for Change (Part 2)

  • March 2011
  • BioPharm International
A rigorous cost benefit assessment can help to chart a cost-effective path forward.

Supply Chain Transformation: Strategic Necessity for the Life Sciences

  • March 2011
  • BioPharm International
New supply chain challenges, including counterfeits, are forcing companies to act in different ways to secure produce safety.
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